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A a business owner, you have two great options for photography: onsite or remote brand photography (or remote product photography).  For onsite photography, I'll meet you at your business or place of choosing for a photo shoot.

Remote brand photography, however, creates an easy way for online brands, solopreneurs and small businesses to get beautiful photos with less hassle and, often, a better rate due to the extra time required on a photographer's part for on-location scouting and setup.

The best part? No traveling or carving out precious time from your workday. Many remote brand photographers work out of their studio space, home or can rent whatever space is needed for your job. If you can ship it, I can shoot it.

I'm a best fit for:
- Tabletop product photography, including dry goods
- Small room scenes that requires a limited room scene or wall space.
- Clients who are great about giving creative direction, but don't need to be caught up in the details. If you like my images, we'll work well together.
- Clients who like a bright, natural and colorful style. I can match any mood, but this is naturally where I gravitate.



and you can stay in your pajamas

Photographed for Blair Ritchey / blairritchey.com


brand lifestyle



create and approve

 estimate your scope

Identify your needs


You'll receive a cost range based on the scope we discuss in our initial conversation. It will include a rate based on the number of images I can realistically accomplish in a half or full shoot day, plus time for project planning and coordination, editing. Additional out of pocket expenses, such as props, shipping or hiring other creative hands necessary, depending on the complexity of your project. 

I'll also send a contract to ensure we're both on the same page with expectations for each other. Once your 20% deposit is paid, we're ready to roll. If your project is not time-sensitive and simple, I will sometimes offer discounts during my slow season and always offer payment plans. 

We'll talk and determine what your needs are, how many photos you want and how you plan to use them. This includes specific crops, so I know we're approaching each shot correctly.

At this stage, you'll really want to have your brand look defined. Need help with that? No problem. I can put together mood boards and even help with messaging. With a background in marketing, this is where I add value -- your brand is so much more than a logo!

For remote brand photography, you'll ship your product to me and we'll confirm final direction before I begin photographing or purchasing necesssary props. As I complete your images, it works best when you're able to remotely approve images as they are completed. Otherwise, any images that need adjustments later, may incur an extra project fee. 

Again, the best brands are those that trust my creative judgment and offer value-added input. If any changes affect your project scope, I'll be forthcoming with possible fees. I'll also snap some behind-the-scenes photos that you can use for your social feeds.

Deliver and Delight

Once photographed images are approved, I'll begin editing. Although I try to shoot as perfectly out of camera as possible, there is always room to "polish" up an image. In about 2-3 weeks, you'll receive high-resolution and web-resolution images in a private gallery. At this point, your project should be paid in full, but we can make additional edits if needed. Any extensive edits outside of basic exposure or color correction may require outsourcing.

From there, the images are all yours to use! I'd love to hear how they're working out for you, and always appreciate when clients share their images in use.

While I express myself creatively through photography, my background includes 17 years of marketing experience leading major initiatives in advertising, public relations, brand strategy and more for Fortune 500 brands. I have a gift of being oddly right- and left-brained which makes me creative and organized at the same time. I even built this website.

In fact, before I struck out on my own, I was the Sales and Marketing Director for a renowned commercial photography studio, Kalman & Pabst Photo Group. I've seen it firsthand the impact good photography has on marketing for their big brand clients and learned a few more photography tricks along the way.

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who understands that good photography can elevate your brand and influence purchases. And to create good photography, you have to understand who's using it and how it will be used. If you need more than just photography, I'll help define your brand, messaging and more.

My work has been featured in Cleveland publications, Vail.com and more.

how marketing and photography go together like caramel and latte

visually wired. business Minded.




half day

standard rates

starting at $4000

starting at $550



starting at $750

Fees do not include potential out of pocket expenses such as: onsite vs. remote photography location scouting and setup, hair/makeup, set stylist (if needed), props, talent, special equipment rental or services outside of photography (such as video). We will discuss necessary services and fees ahead of your project. If we don't use the time, you don't pay for it!

For projects that require more than a tabletop or small room scene, contact me for a custom quote.

One full week of shooting, 8 hour days. We'll get as many shots as possible throughout the course of the week. This fee also includes editing. Best fit for brands who need a huge body of work or a lot of products and angles. The number of images depends on the complexity of each scene, but I set up each project for the best and most efficient outcome.

Up to 8 hours of shooting. Best for clients who have more complex scenes (like large flat lays) or a larger body of work that doesn't require a full week. We'll discuss a set number of photographs that can be accomplished in a day. Because of the unique nature of each job, editing may be quoted separately. While it's hard to discern how many photographs can be met until I know more about your project, I've delivered as many as 50 images from a day shoot.

Up to 4 hours of shooting. This is great for clients who need a handful of images that can be completed in a relatively short timeframe. Examples might include a simple product with minimal to no propping on a white backdrop or a few basic flat lays. Because of the unique nature of each job, editing may be quoted separately. While it's hard to discern how many photographs can be met until I know more about your project, I've delivered as many as 20 images. 


I usually respond within 1-2 business days.

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