For many individuals and families, in-home lifestyle sessions a more relaxed, comfortable location to capture the story of the everyday. Unlike more formal portrait sessions, in-home sessions may be more convenient, but it’s just as important to prepare so you have a successful outcome. Because this is a paid session, you owe it to yourself […]


How to Prepare for Your Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions are a wonderful style for families, couples and individuals who appreciate a more documentary approach to their photography. While posed sessions make the frames, it’s the real life moments in between that you cherish. The goal is to capture what you do during your days. Ok, maybe the less frazzled and stressed days. […]


Lifestyle Photography Session Ideas

Once a quarter, I like to spotlight an MML Photography client who stepped out of his or her comfort zone to overcome a challenge, make an impact or just do some really cool stuff.   Becky is a mom of three and left her full-time job to transform her body and her health and start […]


Client Spotlight: Becky Thayer – Mother, Entrepreneur and Beachbody Badass

Money feels like an awkward conversation, but it’s necessary for running a smart business. With investments in more equipment, software and education to deliver better photos and improved client experience, I’ve been overdue for a fee increase for some time. Additionally, while the economy is truly driven by small businesses, heavy taxes in addition to […]


2019 Pricing and Mini-Sessions

Spring 2019 Headshot Mini Sessions Mini-sessions for headshots are a more affordable option to update your personal branding, such as a LinkedIn profile, company employee page or just to have a fresh new look. By nature, grouping photo sessions creates efficiencies for photographers that would otherwise have to be done separately, such as setting up […]


Headshot Mini-Sessions: May 3rd and 4th 2019

Preparation Backdrop/Style If you haven’t already chosen (or been “assigned”) a photography style or backdrop, my recommendation is to consider the hero. This is an industry term that we use to talk about what should be the main focus of an image, whether a person or a product. In this case, the hero is YOU! […]


How to Prepare for Your Headshot

Anyone who survived the teenage years can testify that it’s a roller coaster, even for those who seem to enjoy terrible drops and twists. That’s why I love senior portraits. It’s a stop in time to capture the beauty of teen girls, who often wrestle with their purpose and whether they meet a certain (unrealistic) […]


Senior Session: Ellen Brabrant

What began as a creative challenge in shooting and editing evolved into a satirical take on the traditional Christmas card. Now the only question is…how can we possibly make next year’s better?  

Personal Journal

Christmas Cards: When You Set the Bar Too High